S. Scott Payton

My career in the automotive / racing industry dates back to the early 1990’s when, during my college years, I began working in the shipping and receiving department of a major racing product manufacturer.

A degree in fine art and business administration, along with years of hard work, has provided me with experience in nearly every aspect of the performance market – from warehousing, sales, marketing, graphic design, print publishing, web publishing, online marketing, digital photography, social media, video production and more.

My extensive work experience on the manufacturers side of the industry means I know how to build projects that reach your customers in meaningful ways and move the needle on your sales in the positive direction.

– Reliable

– Professional

– Efficient

– Timely



Telling your story through compelling authentic video production.


More than just photography, serious heavy duty image production.


Making the complex simple and the mundane exciting is what great graphic design is about.